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Rats: The People Who Love Them.

Commentator: "Rat lovers seem to have endless affection for their animals."

    Not "seem," DO.

Nat - Le Freak

Robert Wilonsky: "There's this tremendous culture of rat lovers. If you go on the Internet, you can see the freakiest damned things you've ever seen in your life."

    Yeah, dude, there's all shades of freaky on the Internet. There's even weird stuff about people with irrational fears of rodents.


Rats: Scary.

Rats: Loathsome Pests.

Rats: In Our Buildings.

Rats: Attacking People.

Rats: What They Chew (And Don't Chew).

Rats: Favorite Pasttimes.

Rats: Intelligence.

Rats: Cannibals.

Rats: Personal Hygeine.

Rats: Pet vs. Wild.

Rats: History.

Rats: Adaptive.

Rats: Reproduction.

Rats: The People Who Love Them.

Animal Hoarders

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