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Animal Hoarders

Samantha Martin: "...and now I've got 200"

    This is a serious problem. She mentions that her house smells. This indicates to me that she has TOO MANY ANIMALS to have enough time to provide the proper care for them all. If these were bipeds, her children would be confiscated and she'd be imprisoned."

Samantha Martin: "I have....about 45 different kinds of animals."

    See above.

Samantha Martin: "People do think I'm crazy. Um, I, because I live with 200 rats?"

    No, Samantha. People think you're "crazy" because you have a serious mental health problem. YOU NEED HELP. It's called animal hoarding. It is a DISEASE. Please seek help.


Rats: Scary.

Rats: Loathsome Pests.

Rats: In Our Buildings.

Rats: Attacking People.

Rats: What They Chew (And Don't Chew).

Rats: Favorite Pasttimes.

Rats: Intelligence.

Rats: Cannibals.

Rats: Personal Hygeine.

Rats: Pet vs. Wild.

Rats: History.

Rats: Adaptive.

Rats: Reproduction.

Rats: The People Who Love Them.

Animal Hoarders

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