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Rats: Attacking People.

Peter D. Sealey: "I had one actually try to run up my leg. Big old Norway rat. ...They're bad. He hit me right at my ankle...went about to the top of my boot. I says if he done go down in my boot, I don't know what I'm gonna do. But he jus' scuried on out. And then, the rest of the day, let's say I was a soprano because if he'd a went up my britches leg they ain't no tellin' where I'd a been. I'd probably still be layin' there."

    Peter was "a soprano" because a big 350 gram (less than 1 lb) rat stepped on his toe and struck his ankle with his big, mean, furry twitching nose?
    Peter: No rat is going to try to threaten your manhood. Have you ever gotten a good look at a rat's furry nads? Believe me when I tell you that they have NO reason to be intimidated by your manhood!

Terrance Powell: "They have been known to attack people."

    For some reason I think this was probably stripped from context. Terrance was edited a few times throughout the documentary, probably for effect.
    But just in case: Rats have been known to attack people WHEN CORNERED...because it's bite or die. Please don't get the idea in your head that rats are spiteful, vengeful creatures. If they were, there would be certain individuals presented in this documentary who would not be with us today (and I don't mean Terrance).

Terrance Powell: "Rats will attack people if you corner them. Just like any animal it's a fight or flight situation."

    I really like Terrance. I respect his honesty and his ability to stick with the facts.

Samantha Martin: "When a rat bites me, I have a rule in my house. You bite, you die. And I have snakes. So some of the rats are fed to the snake. I can't keep every rat, I would have a million! What would I do with a million rats? I mean my house smells bad enough as it is."

    I wonder if Samantha is aware of the fact that a rat bites when he feels threatened? Being animals of prey as they are, it is quite likely that they would instinctively react to the smell of a snake.
    Rats also bite when they're not socialized. With 200 rats and 45 other types of animals in her house, it seems highly likely that a good amount of those rats have been handled very little or not at all. She must have a lot of biters.
    Which brings me to the next bit of logic: Does this rule only apply to rats or does it apply to any animal in her "care" that bites her? It seems like an expensive rule if she's feeding her pricey exotic mammals to her snakes. And yet, if she's not, why do her supposed "pet" rats get special treatment?
    Did anyone else get the impression that Samantha is by no means "Rat Friend" but rather "Rat Foe"?
    As for keeping the population down, we don't have snakes nor do we have biters, and somehow, magically, we've managed to keep our numbers the same. How is that? Oh, yeah: SEPARATE CAGES FOR SEPARATE GENDERS. Yep. You too can practice safe rat non-sex.

Samantha Martin: "When I was growing up, I was kind of an outcast. I didn't have many friends."

    That's hard for me to imagine...


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