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Buy the T-Shirt

A Ratballs.com T-Shirt? Why not?

Do you ever wake up some days and think "I'd like to do something totally ridiculous today?" I do - almost daily (and one day that led to this T-Shirt).

Alright, so you've probably not woken up and thought that (or maybe you never woke up - I have that problem too sometimes), but just in case, here's your chance!

Go on, Take a Look at the T-Shirt.

Love it?
Just click here to order:

That's right, you, too, can don the ever-so-coveted rat goolies. And proudly, I might add, just like these exhibitionists!

Wanna be on the list?
Just click here to order:

Maybe you're worrying that people may think, "Golly, that person looks totally ridiculous today." Well, what do they know?
First of all, if they're saying "Golly," they have issues.
Secondly, if they don't understand the joy and sheer amusement experienced by a savvy rat-owner like yourself, well, obviously they have no sense of humor so their opinion doesn't count anyway.

Feeling silly?
Just click here to order:

If sheer silliness on your part isn't convincing enough, think about the rats! It seems they've been busy making a list of demands.

Oh, poor things.
Just click here to order:

Well, while you're thinking about it, here's some info about the shirt:

* It's 100% cotton.

* It comes in sizes Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, 2X Large, and 3X Large.

* It covers the entire top half of your body.
  (well, minus your head, neck, hands and most of your arms)

* It's cute.

* It's the perfect compliment to almost any article of clothing in your wardrobe.
  (well, maybe not the formal attire)

* It's ratty.

* Each shirt is individually wrapped and comes with a gift card!

* And you can be almost certain that you'll be the only one in your neighborhood wearing one!

Oh, cool!
Just click here to order:

Just how much is the cost of extraordinary ratty fashion? $13.50

Yep, that's it. Plus shipping, of course.

That's not so bad.
Just click here to order:

Some other asides (I promise, no more stupid Order buttons - I know you know where your mouse is):

- I'll still provide you with entertainment if you don't order a shirt.

- My rats and I will still think you're an OK person if you don't order a shirt.

- The site won't wither and die if you don't order a shirt.

- Oh, and the rats won't starve if you don't order a shirt. See their girth for yourself if you don't believe me.


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