Rats Are People Too!
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Who would wear such a thing?

16 Proud Exhibitionists to date!

Tammy ruthlessly taken over by Guinea.

Maria owned by Deuce.

Su, ably owned by The Ratburgers.

Mariah owned by KC.

Eileen owned by Bear.

Allison & Jeremy owned by Sniffy, Suki, Piddles, Stu, and formerly owned by Mousy (the rat), the supreme terrorizer of all cats.

Nicola, owned by Jennyfur, Perdy and Mitts; with Bimbo and Mo at the Rainbow Bridge, keeping an eye on things.

Margaret owned by the spoiled Skippy.

Rose, Ross & Claire, owned by Dink, Ramona, Pamela-Ann, The Little Fluffy One, Violet-Olivia, Jekyl and Mr. Pickles.

Andy, owned by Pervis, Guilty & more.

Beth, owned by Flit, John P, and Moe.

Robyn, owned by RiffRaff, Bokeh, Rumpus, Spritely & Schnapps.

Louise, grandmother to Yo!, Ciao, Belly, & more.

Kris, in rat-loving denial.

Nat, owned by Schweez, Charmin, Seedl, & more.

Imre, in rat-loving denial.

Hajni, owned by a collection of furry cat and dog monsters.


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