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Crawdad Party at RRI
Willard Debunked
Anatomy of Yogurt Drops
Schweez spent a little time in Switzerland
brushing up on his opera voice.
Sly of FanClub III, Belly, and Skunk compete
for the role of Ben in the movie Willard
(a little too late)
Pervis decides to audition for the role of Socrates in the movie Willard
(again, a little too late)
GrubbyRat Models His Curves
Maverick Loves to Fly
(and it shows)
Guinness Goes to Hollywood
(or something like that)
GrubbyRat in the Local Newspaper
ButtNutt Appears in Exclusive Outback Steakhouse Advert
Stinky Loses an Eye
Jamie says "Got Rat?"
The Original Ratballs
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