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It seems that Schweez and Friends aren't just affecting the residents here at RatRaisins, Inc. Here are some photos of rats from around the world that have submitted photos for review by our in-house experts:
(n.b. Credentials for the reviewers can be viewed by clicking on their name)

Natti's rats, Luther, Horace, and Rasmus:

Schweez notes: "Obviouschly Raschmusch has been practisching - his yawnsch are perfect in both form and funkschun. But I have to wonder why he isch holding on? Releasch, my friend, isch the purposch of thisch Art of Yawning! Don't hold on to the cage wiresch! Let go - let it all out!"

Charmin comments (sarcastically): "Indeed, gravity will take you where you need to go and will make you one with your napping surface!"

Schweez notes: "Look at the poor guy, he'sch practically schtarving! But as far asch the yawn goesch, thisch isch what I like to schee. You can juscht feel the schtressch flowing out of hisch body and charging outward via hisch fingertipsch! Obviouschly Raschmusch hasch been practisching. Truly a schtupendousch yawn!"

Guilty notes: "What a handsome guy. Luther certainly reminds me of someone close to my heart (me!). That yawn is not only perfect but it emphasizes his beauty, both in and out. Really, what a stud! I just hope there's enough ladies in the world for the both of us!"

Seedl notes: "I think this yawn is great - it's quite obvious Horace is making a statement and the way he uses his tail to balance the motion of his tongue is truly exemplary!
Those who capture yawns on (digital) film never get credit where credit is due, however, so I also want to take this opportunity to commend Natti for taking a wonderful photo! Obviously Horace's manly circumference helps, but Natti has managed to take a perfectly centered photo capturing all the brilliance and beauty of Horace's wonderfully-executed yawn (and without missing an inch of his ample furry bottom!).
I know for a fact that this is a challenge to Yawntographers as our own personal in-house Yawntographer has yet to capture such a pose from such a perfect angle!"

Schweez notes: "I am quite dischappointed by thisch yawn. It scheems that poor Raschmusch (nice name, by the way - I like the conglomeraschun of Sch's) hasch been rudely awakened from hisch schlumber. Yawnsch are bescht eusched in a therapeutic schensch, like Rat Yoga."



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