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October 2001 - April, 19 2003


I am Wimpy...truly. I was supposed to be a beautiful fancy mouse like my predecessor, Irene but when Nat & Andy went to the pet store in search of such a fancy mouse, they saw cute l'il ol' me cowering in a corner instead. I couldn't help but believe they were my saviors so I scrambled onto Nat's hand and showed her how exceptionally friendly I was.
...Meanwhile, fortunately for me, all of the other meece scurried away. I figured, even if humans have cooties (and they do have cooties) they couldn't possibly be as mean and nasty as those big bullies with sharp teethies that I was currently living with. "Take me with you," I begged!

(this is me begging)

Well, that's Wimpy history. I am now living in Irene's MausHaus and am in absolute ecstacy! Irene was surely one happy mouse. They treat me so well here! Nobody bites at my back anymore, the itchies are all gone, and they even steal those neat corn-flake looking things from the evil Retro-bird's food dish to give to me because I appreciate them so much! They also give me lots of the rat's lab blocks because I love them and ...
they don't even make me beg!

(aren't I the cutest little thing?)

I love hanging out with the humans and I also love the aero-plane hanging from the roof of my house. Nat & Andy say that Irene never cared much for the airplane - something about a big butt and gravity. I must not have gravity...or maybe I don't have a big butt. I'm not sure, but I love the aero-plane!

Hi, me again. A little update for you. I am smarter than Irene and figured out how to escape out of Ye Olde MausHaus so they got one for me, and me alone. My very own RetroAbode! Super, really. Accessorizes my Aeroplane (it is mine now - I have marked it well. And they got me nice little fluffy furniture that matches as well: A little orange pocket hammock and little Wimpy-sized red tube, both from The DapperRat (I guess that means rats aren't so bad).

Anyway, here's a couple of photos to keep you up to speed:

Me all snuggly-wuggly in my tube...

Me yawning (Gosh, I'm cute!)

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