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RatRaisins, Inc. (Symbol: RRI) is a company that specializes in the production of RatRaisins. Call it 'recycling.' It is not a publicly traded company - nobody seems to want the (by)products - the fruits of their 'labor' so to speak.
We didn't bother to report the annual net loss of around $2,000 in 2002 nor did we bother to report the similar annual net losses in the years past.
Why bother? It seems nobody is interested in any of our less-popular offerings such as RatRaisin™ bread, RatRaisin™ bouquets, nor the selected three-dimensional RatRaisin™ greeting cards they've produced in the past. And given the complete and repeated failures of each of those (and more!) entrepreneurialist expeditions, it seems highly unlikely that anyone would be interested in investing in their other great talents like, uh, snoozing.
But you can learn more about our great company by viewing the individual profiles of the employees that make all of our dreams a reality by clicking on the names or images of the members of
RatRaisins, Inc., below.
Of course, if you're more interested in the productivity aspect of our company, you should click here, instead. Or, if you are a rat seeking a position at our company, perhaps you'd like to see us on 'Casual Fridays' (or whatever day(s) we feel like being casual).

The Odd Couple


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