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Rattie Product Reviews

Rattie things I like...(and don't like)

Note: I can only review things they've tried so obviously, if it's not here, they've not tried it.

What: Dapper Rat Pocket Hammock
Where: http://dapper.com.au/hammocks.htm
What we like about them: They're spacious (She'll customize them to any desired size), they're fuzzy, they have a big pocket (and if you ask, an escape hatch), and our boys especially, really just love them. Though a bit modified, they're still alive (and some are over 2 years old -- I'm referring to the hammocks, by the way). FanClub II and GrubbyRat claim this is the best of the best!
What I don't like about them: Nothing.

What: The Fooferdome
Where: http://home.iprimus.com.au/rmarch/ratlymanor/Rattie%20Accessories.htm
What we like about them: Ingenious, really. Fluffy igloos for rats. They remind me of those inflatable bubbles you could jump around in as a child and, quite honestly, since the child in me never left, I find it very amusing that the ratties can share in my joys. Oh, and two words: REMOVABLE PADS. This was simply ingenious - obviously designed by a rat person for rats.
From their perspective: They're dark, the fluffiness muffles noise, and they have a nice super-absorbent diaper-bottom to collect eau de ratte.
What I don't like about them: They seem like they'd be pee traps but the rats love their fluffy dark hideouts so much that I've opted to compensate for the inconvenience by acquiring extra removable pads for the foofer-bottom. I figure this way I won't have to endure the sad looks from those deprived of their fooferbubbles.

What: Comfy Cozy Rat Tubes
Where: http://www.rattieworldocomfort.com
What we like about them: There's two layers of fleecy stuff which makes them more resistant and snugglier. The one I got had a berber fleece inside which has the appeal of "fur" but the resilience of fleece (washes off easily). It was soft and the girls love it immensely. Yo! and Vamp insist there's nothing better!
What I don't like about them: The little ribbon hang-ties. Ribbon shreds so one little mini-gnaw and you find yourself finding other means of hanging the tube.
UPDATE: Second batch of Rattie Tubes uses Bias Tape for the hang tabs (rather than ribbon) - I suspect this will be more resistant to ratty chewing.

What: Diane's Excellent Hammocks
Where: http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Picture/2674/hammock.html
What we like about them: The girls are really fond of this variety of hammock. Sometimes they lie on top, sometimes they crawl inside. Plus you can be sure that everything worth saving is also inside. Though I'm sure this isn't the first time this has been done, I thought the shower-curtain hooks for hammock-hangers was an excellent idea. They support the rats' weight well, they're easy to take on and off, and no chewing! By the way, our girls love this hammock. We've actually tried a lot of different styles with them as they seem to be more picky than the guys, and this was their favorite by far - even the most hammock-uninclined could be found in this one!
What I don't like about them: I wasn't horribly fond of the faux-fur though the girls had a field day with it so I guess that's what counts. Like I said, everything got stashed in this thing....but they weren't content with just stashing in the pouch (that's what it is: A big fluffy rat pouch) but rather they had to tear holes inside...in every conceivable place...and stash the food between layers of faux fur and fleece. There was carcass of faux-fur everywhere - gave me daily coronaries.
Watch out for long nails too: The faux fur was a nail-trap. This probably isn't a problem with more mobile younger rats but it was with our seniors. Ultimately I ended up cutting out most of the faux-fur insides after they had their way with it but they love it just the same (though probably resent me somewhat for stealing their fun).
Not to worry: You can get this hammock in a double-lined fleece version which I'm sure is the perfect hide-a-way meeting both needs of rats and humans alike.

What: SuperPet Come Along Carrier (Small)
Where: A variety of pet stores.
What we like about them: They're flexible, airy, and fairly wind resistant. It opens on both ends. Plus they look like cute little pet lunch boxes. An excellent carrier....if that's it's only purpose.
What I don't like about them: The initial smell. I love the smell of new plastic. Rats do not. I had to air this thing out for a month before I could get a rat in there without him totally losing his marbles. No place for a water bottle. Not good for "leaving at vet's" or any long-ish unsupervised venture (I also suspect the mesh is no match for desperate rattie teeth).

What: SuperPet Igloo
Where: A variety of pet stores including, but not limited to, PetsMart
What we like about them: What's not to like, really? They're plastic (easy to clean), some aren't entirely opaque (you can be nosy), the rats love to hide and sleep in them, and they're excellent falling-pee shields.
What I don't like about them: I prefer the original version with the round top. I know someone in SuperPetLand was thinking "Oh, they can play on top and inside if we make the top like a little castle...and oh, how cute" but with every nook, ridge, and cranny comes a ratty gift (if you're lucky, it's "rat pee"...if you're unlucky, it's a crusty squished RatRaisin. Dear SuperPet Folks: Rodent urine has archival properties. Consider that in your designs.

What: SuperPet Run About Balls
Where: A variety of pet stores including, but not limited to, PetsMart
What we like about them: I'm cheating: I have never purchased one of these things though, ironically, 2 rescues we took in came with one and I can assure you their fat little butts never got in this thing.
What I don't like about them: Pretty much everything. First of all, have you ever seen what a scared rodent does to whatever it is standing on? Hint: Brown and soggy. Now picture a scared rodent playing the role of designated soccer (football for you non-USers) ball. I can't begin to imagine how the insides of this ball could possibly be any better than the most nightmarish of sewage systems. Secondly, if you can afford one of these things, your home probably consists of at least two rooms (even if one is the bathroom) which means there is somewhere the rat can safely run without fear of getting nabbed by the family cat. Really, they like to walk on their feet.

What: SuperPet Bubble Wave Anything
Where: A variety of pet stores including, but not limited to, PetsMart
What we like about them: They're cute. Really cute.
What I don't like about them: Rat Rule #263: If it's impossible to clean....really clean....it's an acceptable litter pan. Think instead: PVC. Sure, PVC is white and it's not cute, but it doesn't have ridges.

More to come....

What we like about them:
What I don't like about them:

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