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Calculations for Vetafarm Psittavet Injectable Doxycycline

The product: Vetafarm Psittavet Injectable Doxycycline

The dosage: 35 mg/kg every 7 days or 70 mg/kg every 7 days. The latter dosage is for treatment of pneumonia in rats.

The suspension: 50 mg/ml

Note: This doxycycline formulation is a long-lasting injectable. It can not be given orally and you calculate a single dose as the amount you would give one rat his/her dose at 2.5 mg/kg or 5 mg/kg twice daily for 7 days (the calculation, for which, is above under "The dosage.").

These calculations do not apply to any other product or formulation other than the one mentioned above!

Rat's Weight (g) Rat's weight (oz) Dosage: 2.5 mg/kg Dosage: 5 mg/kg
100 3.5 0.07 cc 0.14 cc
200 7.1 0.14 cc 0.28 cc
300 10.6 0.21 cc 0.42 cc
400 14.1 0.28 cc 0.56 cc
500 17.6 0.35 cc 0.70 cc
600 21.2 0.42 cc 0.84 cc
700 24.7 0.49 cc 0.98 cc
800 28.2 0.56 cc 1.12 cc
900 31.7 0.63 cc 1.26 cc
1000 35.3 0.70 cc 1.40 cc

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