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Rats don't like Spring as much as we do.

Unfortunately we don't live in a constantly warm place, so there is something we instinctively do as humans that is really bad for rat-kind. You know when you get that first really warm day after winter and it feels so great that you open every window in the house all the way? Think twice about that. It seems really warm to you, but it feels far from warm to them. Make sure if you must open all the windows, to not open their windows and make sure their area is completely sealed off from potential drafts. Fifteen minutes of your warm windy soothing comfort can cost them their lives.

On the same note, if you have to take your rat to the vet or simply out for any reason, make sure you cover their cage with a towel until you are able to put them back in an area with a consistent warm temperature and draft-free surroundings. If possible, make sure that you have an old T-shirt or towel in their cage as well that they can use to hide under and cuddle with if the need arises.

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Disclaimer: There are many non-sarcastic accounts and tips on the web regarding rat care. This is not one of them. These are merely accounts of our experiences with rats, our perceptions of these experiences, where we've failed and where we've succeeded. These accounts are here for two purposes:

    1) To entertain.
    2) To help avoid repetition of mistakes

  Remember! Your rat is not a science project, he is your friend!

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