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Ouch the Mouse

We looked at mice once. We bought three. We knew that male mice didn't really get along well with other male mice so we planned on getting 2 or 3 girls. That is, until we saw Ouch. Poor Ouch! Some mouse or mice had chewed away most of the fur on his back, had nipped at his toes, had scraped his tail, and had clawed at his face and eyes. It was settled. Ouch was coming home with us (plus the two girls we originally planned on)! We figured Ouch would maybe make it a day or two, but at least they'd stop eating him. We gave him a box and put him in a nice small aquarium so he wouldn't stress himself out too much. The next day we took him to Dr. Bob's.

The girls we put in the old Hamster Mansion. We modified it a bit though so they'd have enough air circulating. We gave them a wheel. They slept on it.

Dr. Bob's prognosis was that there wasn't much we could do other than to wait for it to heal up so that's what we did. Ouch's foot got infected, so Ouch, naturally, chewed most of his foot off. Ouch's tail was healing nicely, but it must have itched like mad, so, logically, Ouch chewed what he could of his tail off too. His eye healed up well but you could always tell where it was originally cut. His back was always missing that 2 inch long patch of fur.

Ouch outlived the two girls by over a year. I'm not sure how old they were when we got them but I'm assuming they were pretty close in age. Oddly, the girls were never very nice, and although you could tell Ouch was afraid, he never nipped at us humans. Overall we had a good Mouse experience, but I think the humans were a little too allergic to their super-concentrated whiz.

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Disclaimer: There are many non-sarcastic accounts and tips on the web regarding rat care. This is not one of them. These are merely accounts of our experiences with rats, our perceptions of these experiences, where we've failed and where we've succeeded. These accounts are here for two purposes:

    1) To entertain.
    2) To help avoid repetition of mistakes

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