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Uncle Fester

Hi there! I'm Uncle Fester! I'm not sure how I ended up with such a crazy name, but I like the way it sounds! Fester! Fesssterrrr. Mom says I'll be playing with lightbulbs when and if I ever stop eating! Boy do I love food! I love non-food too! If it's there, I'll be eating it!

I'm supposed to be 5 weeks old but Mom thinks otherwise. She thinks that a couple of us were much older, like around 8 weeks old, but in retrospect, she's grateful because she doesn't want any of us to die. I came to Cincinnati with 4 other "funny looking" creatures (yeah, I think I'm pretty studly, but Mom thinks we look funny). One has since died. He should have eaten more, I tell ya! But I guess I was eating all of his food.

Eat. Play. Eat. Eat. That's what I do all day when I'm not getting mounted by Earl, that is.

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