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About Stella:

Stinky was my favorite girl ever. This was the girl who always seemed to be giving me that "You're such an idiot, but I like you" look. When she died, I was lost. Who was going to provide me with much-needed instruction? Certainly I don't already beat myself over the head enough as it is.

Anyway, if reincarnation is a reality, I know exactly what happened. Stinky was up there in Ratty Heaven and she was telling the rat gods about her time on earth. She told them about her big pink Cadillac, all of her fans, and, I'm sure, also expounded on the stupidity of rat males as well as the human plight - it was all great down here and there's lots of free entertainment! When posed with the question of how she wanted to return to earth, she decided she wanted to again go back as a rat. The rat gods warned her of the risks: Most rats on earth really don't spend a lot of time there. Some are treated so poorly from day 1 that they don't even get a chance to see day 3. But Stinky, knowing better (as she always did) agreed that it was worth the risk.

So Stinky is now again back on earth. She finds herself in the hands of some semi-caring individual who ultimately loses interest and believes that the kindest thing they can do is offer her her freedom. She spends some time outside and every morning hops on top of the log she sleeps under and looks around for her human companion to return. He never does. But fortunately someone spots her and whisks her off to a pet store realizing quite well that she doesn't belong outside and that pet store, in turn, calls Diane of KeelzDragonz Rattery and asks if she may know of any homes for this gentle and smart creature. Diane wastes no time and brings her home.

Fate then plays a little role: Nat's looking at photos of Diane's rats and reads about Stella, the girl that was "set free" outside and was found on a log. Nat can't help but think that there's a huge space in this house of hers just for this girl.

And here she is, Stinky reincarnated. She's ruling the earth and having a party doing it, only this round she's not putting up with the "Stinky" business. She's a lady and you can call her Miss Stella, and, don't worry, Stella's got plenty of groove.

And yes, I'm such an idiot, but she likes me. :o)

I got groooove!

(Single Black-Hooded Female Seeking
Single Un-Neutered Rat Male For Hot Quick Fun)

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