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Alright! Hey there and hello there and greetings to all! I'm Spud! I personally pronounce it "stud," but hey, that's just me. I am a potato, but gosh darnit, I'm a mashed potato! I sure love potatos. Did someone say potatos? I loved mashed potatos! Boy, I sure am happy to meet you!

The traffic in this room has been really hectic lately. I feel almost sleep-deprived except Mom always has to remind me that I sleep like 18 hours a day. She exaggerates, and even is she's not exaggerating, I gotta tell ya, no day is complete without a 36 hour nap! You're probably thinking I sleep too much, but Mom walks in and out of here all the time! I, as a responsible member of the FanClub and of RatRaisins, Inc. must wake up every single time she does this. What would happen if I didn't? Well, I might miss out on a great treat for one! I love collecting lab blocks and corn on the cob and bananas! I also might miss out on a good snifferoo! What if Mom has a new smell on her hands?! I want to be the very first rat to smell it! I need to know to be in the know, you know? Lastly, if I don't rush up, mom cattle-prods me with her index finger because I'm apparently quite a sound sleeper sometimes. I hate that! Jab jab! Yip!

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