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About Schweez:

Schweez is a curious little guy - so curious, in fact, that it seems that curiosity caught his nose. Out of the ratlet cage on the way home from the breeder's, we heard schwee-schwee-schwee. He didn't seem sick at the breeders so we were surprised, to say the least. As it turns out, all this noise is a result of a missing nostril. Seems Mr. Curious must've stuck his nose somewhere that he shouldn't have. But his little accident has apparently had no effect on his personality - they really don't get more friendly or charming than Schweez - and I'm guessing if the opportunity to check out a cheese grater presented itself, he'd happily lose his nostril all over again (but we won't let that happen).
Schweez's brother, Charmin, came home with us too.

Schweez with his brother



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