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Pervis (Nervis Pervis)

About Pervis:

I don't know what's up with this guy but he is scared of rats (except for his brother, Guilty). When Seedl is within 6 inches of him he's just scree-cree-screeing! Originally named, Eeeeep, I came to realize that saying "Hey little eep, eep" was really annoying and the potential for nicknames was limited. I also found myself saying "Aww, come on little nervous pervous" a lot so...Pervis he became.
He's a great little guy and he loves his humans. He also loves the big foodstuffs: My parents save all of their leftovers for the rats (which was great when we had 40-50 rats) and one of the recent gifts was a pork chop bone. Mr. Pervis carried the bone from the bottom of the 3 foot tall cage via the walls of the cage to the food dish. It took him awhile (stupid bone has this annoying curve that gets stuck on everything!) but he finally got it up there. Guilty, fortunately, was nice enough to leave it there for awhile before removing it from his bedroom.

Nervis Pervis with brother, Guilty.



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