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I am a big scary super-intimidating rat.

Yes, that's right! My name is Monroe and I am a big scary VERY intimidating rat so it would be best that you don't mess with me. Look at me, aren't I scary? I am always ready for a fight just to show those mice who's boss! If you pick on me, I'll call in my buddy (and bodyguard) Maxx to take care of business. He's not as scary as I am, of course, but he wears the pants in our family.

Ok, Ok, I admit it. I'm a wuss, but I'm going to attitude-training class so I can be a big mean rat some day...or not. Besides, I have to hold onto my 6 X 6 square inch of territory, lest Maxx take it over.


Update: I just couldn't take it anymore! I was getting no sleep and the raging armadillo was driving me mad! I scurried up mom's arm to her shoulders (more like flew there) and begged her to put me ANYwhere else....I'm now living with the cool kids in Building 303.

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