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Hi. I'm Maxx Ratdigliyiglioni. I'm the Ratfia Mob Leader. My father is a rhino and head-butts PVC tubes. You can be sure I won't ever stoop so low. My goal is to total cars with my head when I grow up.

In the meantime, I've got a neighborhood to protect and nobody, I mean -nobody- will get in my way. You think you're bigger than me? Well, I've got connections and I've got these *flashes teeth* so don't even think about it. I've already single-handedly destroyed 4 rats, so don't think I won't destroy more. Mom says that I'm going to spend my life alone with Monroe and nobody else because of my bad attitude. I think we'll have to snuff her too.

Now if I can just get Monroe up and out of his tube, we can go out and kick some rat ass!


Update: Seems Monroe didn't really like me as much as I thought he did. What a brat. Anyway, if you could pass on the news, or use my classified ad as need-be:

    SMM iso other.
    Must be squeak and dander free.
    Must take to random beatings.
    Must be willing to fetch food.
    Interested? Email me at

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