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Hey there! I'm the boss and ferocious leader of the FanClub! I am mean and nasty. Please tell all of your friends so I don't have to wake up to prove myself. Much obliged.

Seriously, I hate conflict. That Puff guy touched my butt the other day and ruined a perfectly good nap. "Wanna Fight?" I said. Puff ran away. Ferocious I tell ya. Downright nasty.

So, I chased after him - he did ruin my slumber after all. Mom said it was more like a slug-race. I caught him too because I'm the smallest rat in there and consequently quicker than everyone else. What'd I do when I caught up to him, you wonder? Well, I did what any ferocious rat would do. I nudged him with my shoulder. "So there!" I said.

Well if that didn't just start a big war. For the next 10 minutes we slapped our paws at each other until we settled our differences. Alright, we slapped our paws at each other until we fell asleep, but hey! We all know who's boss! (And that boss would be me...)

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