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Hi. How are you today?

My name is Licky. I think it's an OK name. I think cleanliness is very important. I came from a very dirty place but always managed to keep myself clean. I wish I had roommates to keep clean too, but I'm in rehab right now because of my pinworm infestation. I don't really miss them much. Mom and Dad let me keep them clean so I'm pretty content, but I sure do miss the warmth and friendliness of other rats.

One thing I like more than cleanliness itself is Blueberry Yogurt. When Mom and Dad first adopted me, I felt so bad I really just didn't feel like eating. They didn't know about my worms then, but gave me this wonderful Yoplait Blueberry Yogurt to clear up my diarrhea. I really like that, especially since mom covered her hands with it and let me lap it all off. I wouldn't have it any other way! Now I eat on my own off of my box. I like that too, but it tasted better on Mom's hands.

Mom is the dominant rat in my family. She never really pinned me down, but I let her because I love my side and belly rubs. She makes me feel good. I'm trying to return the favor and get rid of my respiratory infection. I know Mom would be a lot happier if she could sleep through the night and not have to check up on me all the time like I was a little baby.

I am a little baby though. Even when I get older, I hope to be a little baby.

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