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About Leyla:

Leyla didn't really have a name initially. It's hard when they're that young - they have personalities but their excessive energy often overides the personalities which are generally accentuated later in life. Anyway, a friend in Hungary (Hajni) said that she "...looks like a Turkish princess, you should call her Leyla, that means 'someone with dark hair'." I asked the little girl if she minded the whole Turkish princess reference and she didn't seem to mind at all...So Leyla it is. Good thing I have smart friends, huh?
Leyla is a dainty little gal and follows her sister around just in case she may know something she doesn't. She spends a lot of time acting like she wants to get out and hang out with you and then spends more time figuring out how to get away from you....humans must smell really funny!

Little miss vicious turns old..and sweet.

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