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Larry Before Noon

Preface: One of our first rats, LJB, was named after Human Nat's father. He was such a nice little man...so unlike the real thing. But now we have Larry, also named after Human Nat's father. He's a bit more like the real thing: Troublesome and cranky before noon.

Larry, previously asleep in his basket, was rudely awakened by the noise of intrusion (the camera)...poor thing.


Larry's looking a little annoyed now as no personal benefit was derived from having been so rudely awakened.
"I'd like to wring her neck! That would be beneficial."

Larry inspects his surroundings more thoroughly to confirm that there will be no more interruptions.
"Get lost! I'm going back to bed."

Alright, neither Larry-Human or Larry-Rat are such bad guys. But you definitely don't want to drag them out of bed before noon!

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