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About Kelly: Kelly and Krysa are two most fortunate ladies. No longer wanted by their previous owners, on a cold winter day, they were dumped in front of a neighbor's garage. This neighbor, having rabbits of her own, was aware that she couldn't just get rid of them and after spending a good deal of time and money trying to cater to Kelly and Krysa's apparently finicky taste-buds, she went on a search for a future home for them. Luckily for everyone, Kelly (the neighbor and rabbit-lover after whom Kelly the rat is named), contacted us via rathelp.org and in so doing, discovered we were neighbors!

K & K, moments after finding a home with us, were also introduced to one another (they were living separately) and Krysa's lump was removed the following week. Both are now integrated with the Whirly Girls and Kelly must be one charming lady because half of the existing group decided that if the other half of the existing group wasn't going to tolerate K & K upstairs, they'd just move downstairs.



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