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About Kate:

I must say that when we got the three girls (Hola, Kate, and Isla) from Raffinhouse Rattery, Kate immediately stole my heart. She was considerably smaller than the other two and her slim figure and dainty walk told me that she was going to grow up to be nothing more than the most sophisticated of ladies.

I'm a bad judge of character. Kate's a tom-boy packaged in a little lady's outfit. If there's a hole, she'll shove her head through it. She's forever getting in trouble and has taken over Vamp's role as the "Put-Your-Head-Back-In-There!" girl. Needless to say, her terrorist nature makes me like her even more than the day I first set eyes on her. Why do I love the evil ones the most?

This silly stripe's on crooked, isn't it?

Please, please don't beat me with your tail!

Thank you...

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