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Mom says I'm excessively nippy. I'm not nippy, I'm teething! I'm teething everything! I like teething! I'm going to do it for the rest of my life, I think!

Mom says I'm also excessively jumpy. I really was excessively jumpy, I won't deny that, but imagine some hand grabbing you, taking you out of your 20 gallon aquarium filled to the rim with 40-some bald rats (like me!) and dropping you in a wire cage with only 4 of your closest buddies? It was like I was stripped of my identity! Those humans aren't hairless rats like us, after all, they're hairless monkeys, which, in the grand scheme of things, is a HUGE difference.

I'm less jumpy now. I love playing with the big Guffaw and watching him body slam Earl when he tries to mount us. And I love that Oops! He's such a scaredy-rat, he makes me seem like the Jolly Green Giant!

I've only been here 4 days now, but I know the hand that feeds me. When Mom comes over, I'm up there looking starved and abused like the best of them!

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