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Hey there gorgeous! I'm Earl the Pearl Merle. I'm Buff, I'm Sexy, and if you're a boy, I've got something to show you! I'm just going through puberty right now and I'm just loving it!

My roommates are Guffaw, Zapp, Roger, Agent Steele, Uncle Fester, Gunther, and Oops de BooBoo. I really love fresh meat but am still working hard at nailing Oops de BooBoo (boy is he a touchy little squeaker! MEOW! I love it when they play hard-to-get!) and Guffaw (somehow he seems to take my sexual advances a bit too personally) but I've gotten everyone else in there! *wink* *wink* A bit of advice for you gentlemen out there, bald is nice, but a little fur padding never hurt anyone.

Well, it's been nice, but Agent Steele just awoke from his nap so I think it's time to take care of a little business.


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