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*Wheeze* *Yawn* Anybody here? *Tap* *tap* Hmm. I guess it's on.

My name is Dante. I'm rather shy, but I'm also rather nice. I too, like Licky and Earl and Gunther and Fester and Igor (and our deceased Untitled 1) came from, what Mom calls, Hell. Mom named me Dante so she could remember never to go to a breeder for rats ever again. I kinda liked it. It smelled really ratty and territorialized. Mom says it was filthy and that I'd be lucky if I'd get over this respiratory infection with my lungs even half un-scarred. I think she exaggerates.

So what do I do all day, you wonder? Nothing. Mom gave us this very short box and it's very dark and warm in there so that's what I do. I do nothing in my box all day long. Once I'm sure the humans go to bed, I hop up on top of my box and lap up all the soft foods in sight. Mom says I gained 5 grams since I've been here! I'm gonna be big, I just know it! Watch out, Maxx!

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