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Charmin's Guide to Personal Hygeine

Hi, I'm Charmin and I'm here to help you young bucks be your very best so you too can be a doe-magnet! After all, where there's doe, there's food and we buckmuffins love food!

It's a tough job so start off slow. Lick your paws and gently brush your nose and whiskers!

Now move one paw over your nose. Keep your other paw down below so you don't lose anything. You need that nose to sniff out the foodstuffs and having the whiskers around helps too!

This is the hard part so I'm going to permit you two photos to see how it's really done...and done well. First observe...

Now try it yourself. Let go of your nose and whiskers...they'll be OK because they know that you're going to meddle with other areas. Reach up high over your head, hold on, and roll your paws right down from behind your ears back down to your face.

Of course you have to repeat these steps many many many many times (particularly when those human types feel compelled to grub you up all the time) but with practice, you'll look clean and CHARMINg like me!

Oh! One last thing. Always remember to make time to relax! You'll need all the energy you can get to keep yourself looking sharp like me!

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