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Charmin (so squeezeably soft!)

About Charmin:

Charmin is so soft. His fur is thick and silky and he's not a tense guy so he feels like a cloud (I suppose clouds are wet, but you get the gist). I couldn't call him SoSoft forever so Andy said "Well, how'bout Charmin?" Of course! Charming Charmin...and the potential is great. My cheesy favorite is: Don't Schweez the Charmin!
I digress.
Charmin and Schweez are brothers and you'll often find them snuggled together (under Seedl if at all possible because Seedl is King of Warmth). Charmin, despite his young age, really loves being rubbed...all over. And he'll sit for it! Good thing too because, as a boy rat, I don't suspect that super-softness will last forever. I also think he's trying to compete with the late Licky for King of Cleanliness. He is always grooming (probably to get rid of all the human cooties covering his so very soft fur).



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