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About Belly:

We went to, I think PetsMart, and I saw Skunk and a new case of NRF (New Rat Fever) quickly set in. I just had to have her. She was so independent and nudgy and nosey. Of course you just really never know if they'll get along with the current crew and quarantine can be so lonely that we had to pick a friend for her. We figured the one in the middle jumping up and down and pacing back and forth screaming "Me! Me! Me!!!" was probably the right one.

Belly hasn't changed at all. Every morning, every afternoon, every evening, and almost every moment in between, you will find Belly standing on her haunches jumping up and down, pacing back and forth by the cage door demanding that her Belly be tickled, demanding that she be let out, and demanding full access to every nook and cranny of the house because, by god, she's The Belly.

And that's all alright with me...

Belly with Sister, Skunk

Skunk with Belly

Belly dominating our universe
(and stealing our Twizzlers)

Look at what I have to deal with!!

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