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About Abby:

Abby is one of 14 ratlets who were in our care (plus foster mom and two of her sisters), initially temporarily, until the owner could make arrangements to take them back. I tried pretty hard not to get attached to them knowing that they would only be with us for a short while. As it turns out, despite numerous attempts to contact that individual, they never wrote back and after a little over two years, Abby, as well as a couple of her sisters remain.

Abby was always a bit shy. While her foster mom and her foster mom's two sister's were busy biting the heck out of me, Abby would quietly slide past them and gently, and almost if apologetically would groom my hand. She's just a big girl with a big heart and you can always find her right by Belly's side begging for a little extra attention.

I'm sleeping! Do you mind?

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