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Rat Icons (Mac and XP)

What? No rat icons for your Mac?

Here's some. There are four sets:

tip: If you click on the link and the file doesn't download, control-click on the link and select the "download" or "save to disk" option.
    Rattoon Rats: (Mac) (XP) These are a collection of little ratty-like images I've saved or made over the years and turned into big purty icons for OSX. Most will probably look OK in OS9 and earlier as well. Preview
    Pendragon Rattery Rats: (Mac) (XP) Sue from Pendragon Rattery in the UK tells me I have no dumbo rat icons so I made this stack for her (and you!). They were made for OSX and will work in OS9 and earlier but they probably won't look so good in OS9 (and earlier). Preview
    Assorted Plush: (Mac) (XP) OK, this only features one rat plus my favorite dog, amusing grasshopper, googly-eyed fish, and sleepy turtle...but they're cute! Though made for OSX, these will probably look OK in OS9 or earlier. Preview




Windows people: To use 128X128 icons, refer to the following: http://xicons.com/articles/winxp128.php

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