Rats Are People Too!
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These are Slinky's kids. They started as Slinky's kids, anyway. But we ended up with this psycho-magnet pile of rats. So they became the FanClub. They're still Slinky's kids, though.

Being a high-quality Slinky isn't an easy task. You need, for example, random belly markings to guide you in your tickle tasks:

You need to have a soggy belly, donning as many folds as Slinkily possible:

You need to curl your nose while impressing a distinct air of confidence:

...and appear as if you have the utmost intelligenceness (yes, I intended to spell it that way):

Wrinkly whiskers and ruffled hair is a must:

...as is that bald spot right below the ear:

Squishiness is very important. If you look like a potato you're on the road to success:

But most importantly, you must look grabbable and gropable (I love making up words!):

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