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DAY 36

"Two Words: MY MINE! Got it?"

"I'm a pear!"

"My butt! MINE!"

"...and then there was this bear! A big scary bear - ROAR!"

...the finest seat in the house

"Hi Robyn! Please tell her that my mine is my mine!"

"Hey, Sandra! Just a little last-minute primping here. I'll be over in a second!"

"hey there!"

"I-I-I've decided not to be s-s-so shy anymore!"


"Hey! I think this thing's broken! Where's the on button? The whole world needs to hear me sing!"

"I feel like I'm in the middle of a stampede!"

"Mom schayz I've got Schlinky'schz nosechz. I don'schzt know about that, butscht I schurezsch gotsch hischz lischzp."

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