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Meet Slinky's Grandkids...


The Dad - (Bachelor #3) - Mikey

  A member of the FanClub. He's the only brother remaining with straight fur (mom was a black-eyed-white with straight fur, dad was a brown Rex berk). He's unquestionably the squishiest of the bunch. He's neither slim nor fat and shows all of the good mannerisms of his dad, including not whizzing on, or marking us humans, letting us play with his lower lip, and a he's a gentle grabber. He's not aggressive but very curious. He's intelligent, unlike his dad, and knows when to get out of the way. He's almost 3 1/2 years old and about 1 1/4 lbs.


The Mom - Esther, aka Grandpa Jr. Jr. Jr. Jr.

  Esther is a recent addition to our family and was acquired mid-August along with her brothers George, George, Alvin, and Theodore Fuzzbutt. She has proven to be quite a nice mother and rather likes it when we take her kids away for photo shoots. Her best feature is her dumb looks. She also likes to scrounge around looking for tasty morsels lying about even though she has an entire snack shop available in her maternity ward.


Meet Slinky's Grandkids...

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